The use of condoms sits high atop the list of safe sex practices that people can imbibe but the truth is not everyone enjoys the use of condoms during sex.

Although men come to mind when it comes to being reluctant about condom use, there are cases when it is a woman saying that she doesn’t like sex with condoms or doesn’t want to use them.

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Furthermore, some women don’t like condoms because they make sex uncomfortable or even painful. If you fall among this category, these are alternative condom types you can try out for a better sexual experience.

Switch to lubricated condoms.

Lube is never too much during sex because it is an easy way to not only make sex better but it also reduces friction and pain. Lubing the condom makes penetration less painful and more fun for everyone involved as it ensures ease. With the condom, water-based lubricants is your best bet but should you opt for silicone-based lubricant, ensure that it doesn’t have N-9.


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Try other condom brands

If your partner complains of irritation when you use a particular brand of condom with her then you should consider trying alternatives. The irritation a woman complains about can make her very uncomfortable and worse, that irritation can also leave her vulnerable to urinary tract infections, yeast infections, and bacterial vaginosis.

Switch to polyurethane condoms

Although more expensive than latex condoms, these condoms are latex free and protective against STDs (which natural skin condoms are not). Polyurethane also allows you to use oil-based lubricants with them! They can be an enjoyable alternative for some couples.

Switch to polyisoprene condoms

Made from synthetic latex, it is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. They may be preferable to polyurethane condoms for some individuals. The sensation from them is also more like a traditional, latex condom.


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