Condoms are cool, okay? Not only are they available in all sorts of styles now—ribbed, ultra-thin, flavored, warming, etc.—but they also help prevent against unwanted STIs and pregnancy.


Unfortunately, many hetero women have encountered a “Chad” who’s claimed: “Oh, condoms don’t feel good!” or “I can’t orgasm with this on!” or “Ugh, it ruins the moment.” As much as you *really* sympathize that he has to wrap up his D in latex, those excuses just aren’t valid.

And if he insists, there’s a super-easy condom trick that can actually make wearing condoms better and more comfortable:

“Add a few drops of water-based lube to the inside of your condom before you put it on,” says sex researcher Maureen Miller, PhD. “Men report being amazed at how much better it feels.”

While most condoms come with lubrication on the outside of them, adding one or two drops into the tip of the condom before putting it on and rolling it down can make it feel way more comfortable for a dude. I mean, think about how good lube feels for you….

If you’re worried that the extra lubrication might make the condom more susceptible to breaking or falling off, remember: You’re only adding a little bit of lube.


“Condoms are mighty hard to break, although not impossible. The number one reason for condom breakage is that the condom was not put on properly. The tip must be squeezed as the condom is being rolled down the penis so that there is room for ejaculate. Otherwise, the condom can burst,” says Miller. In other words, if your condom breaks, it’s because you didn’t put it on properly…not because of the extra drops of lube.

In the name of making condoms sexy again, don’t be afraid to put the condom on as a hot AF part of foreplay. “Using your mouth, tongue, and hands, make the project of putting on a condom really erotic,” suggests Miller. Nothing is more attractive than safe sex, y’all.

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